About Me

I am originally from Columbia where, after studying industrial engineering for two years, I realized that my love for math was gone, but that I had found a new passion: medicine. I was accepted by one of the most prestigious universities in my country, The National University of Colombia. After six years, I obtained my degree in medicine and surgery and after three years of additional training, I graduated as a pediatrics specialist. I worked eight years in three large hospitals as a general pediatrician and then as an assistant professor for medical students, interns and residents in different services: general pediatrics, emergency room, neonatal and pediatric intensive care. My last position, before I moved to the U.S. nine years ago, was as an academic coordinator. Since moving to Atlanta, I have worked as a research specialist at Emory University. In order to obtain my medical license in the U.S., I completed additional residency training in pediatrics, which was also at Emory University. I began working with the Kaiser Permanente Pediatrics Department in September 2011, and I have enjoyed getting to know our members.

About my practice

I could never be anything other than a pediatrician. During my 20 years of experience, I have learned to understand the needs, complaints and joys of my little patients. Even when my patients are without words, their faces and bodies tell me their history. I am more inclined to practice acute care, but I also enjoy working with well-children and doing general consulting. I really love interacting with children and parents of different ethnicities and cultures. I also like to teach and train other personnel. This helps me learn even more from our members and my colleagues.

How I thrive

For vacation, I like to go on mission trips to different countries around the world. I want to continue doing this because I enjoy being useful to those in need. I am also a fanatic for the outdoors. I often go hiking and backpacking, and I adore the North Georgia Mountains! I do physical exercise at least three times a week and I eat a healthy diet. I am also an avid reader. I love music from all over the world, and although I am a terrible singer, I am an excellent salsa dancer!