About Me

I grew up in rural Alaska and developed an interest in medicine watching my dad work with the underserved. Eventually I worked as a technician at our local emergency department and did volunteer medical work. My husband and I both went to college in Oregon, and I trained in emergency medicine on the East Coast. Now we are enjoying great culinary and outdoor adventures here in the Pacific Northwest.

About my practice

I work in the Emergency Care Department where I enjoy helping people with everything from a broken leg to a heart attack. I like working with my hands and also thinking deeply—emergency medicine combines these perfectly. I gain great satisfaction hearing members tell their stories and working with them to make choices for their health care.

How I thrive

I love being active and exploring the world around me. My husband and I both enjoy hiking, and we try to get up into the mountains to camp when possible. My morning run calms and energizes me for the coming day. I enjoy reading, cooking, and finding great places to eat.