About Me

I grew up in and around New York City. After college, medical school, and residency in the city, I moved to Atlanta for a fellowship at Emory. Atlanta has been my home ever since. I started at Kaiser Permanente in 2017, knowing I was joining an outstanding group of clinicians and an organization that is truly dedicated to providing great health care to its members.

About my practice

I have specialized training in neuroradiology, with an emphasis on imaging of head and neck cancers. The intricate anatomy of the soft tissues of the neck make the imaging particularly challenging but interesting. I also have subspecialized training in abdominal imaging and image guided procedures such as biopsies. I enjoy my procedures days that give me a chance to spend time with patients, which can be rare for radiologists.

How I thrive

I thrive by taking the time to enjoy all the wonderful things in life. I love to cook and experiment with new foods and recipes. I also enjoy running, which is a great way for me to decompress and center myself. My family and dog are also a great source of happiness.