About Me

I am originally from Russia. I did get a chance to practice medicine there and that is why I know how fortunate we are here in Colorado to have the medical care we have. I am a board-certified internal medicine physician and a trained nephrologist. I did my training in Boston and New York City, but eventually decided to move to Colorado in 2012 for two reasons—Colorado is the most beautiful place in the world and people here are the kindest and the happiest. It is absolutely inspiring to me.

About my practice

I believe that the doctor and his patient are a team. I appreciate the trust you put in me and I promise I will do everything possible to relieve your suffering, whether it’s physical or mental. We will work together to make you feel better. I will listen to understand your questions and concerns, and I strive to provide the most appropriate care for you.

How I thrive

I strongly believe in mind-body connection. That is why I always try to focus on positive aspects of any life situation and stay in the moment. I practice meditation to stay mindful and to not take my own problems too seriously. I snowboard, play bass guitar and do a little bit of creative writing.