About Me

I am the oldest of 3 daughters and grew up in different parts of the United States due to my father's military career in the Air Force. After having the opportunity to sample different places to live in the States, I moved to Colorado for the overall perfect weather and skiing opportunities when I finished my schooling. I chose optometry for my career after working in an optometrist's practice during my college years. I have been working in the field of optometry in different capacities since 1984.I have now been with Kaiser Permanente as an Optometrist since 1995. I have a husband and 2 beautiful daughters along with our family dog, Nala. Life is good.

About my practice

My favorite part of optometry is meeting different people and always gaining unique insight from my patient's personal experiences that they share with me. Having the opportunity to help people maximize their visual opportunities to better their lives is always rewarding. Helping people understand the eye conditions by explaining it to them is something I always try to do in my exams.

How I thrive

My family, friends, dog, and the beauty of the Colorado outdoors always helps me realize how fortunate I am to be living in this state. Playing golf, softball, tennis, skiing, going to dinner with friends, and playing with my daughters all help me rejuvenate. I also love to travel and see new places and cultures.