About Me

I was born in Pittsburgh and raised outside of Philadelphia in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. I first visited Hawaii on the way back from a volunteer surgical mission to the Philippines and never forgot it. My father had great respect for men of science and wanted his son to follow this path. I am the first physician in my family.

About my practice

My desire to have a meaningful career that would allow me to benefit others is what attracted me to practicing medicine. I saw what a great impact losing your vision had on people’s lives and was drawn into my specialty by the dramatic improvement in quality of life that cataract surgery could bring. I have over 28 years of experience caring for straightforward and complex glaucoma patients and this has given me a perspective that can only be obtained over many years.With the Seva Foundation, which delivers cost-effective, culturally informed health services for some of the world’s most vulnerable, I have served as a volunteer surgeon and advisory board member. We are working to cure blindness in Tibet, Nepal, and Cambodia. I am working to popularize a glaucoma surgical procedure I invented and which I believe will become the predominant treatment of glaucoma for the third world. My care philosophy is to get the best results with the least negative impact on my patient’s lifestyle. Because glaucoma is a chronic condition, I have the opportunity to get to know my patients well over time, and they become like an extended family for me.

How I thrive

To stay healthy physically, I lift weights. I previously competed as a bodybuilder and also have a knack for powerlifting. Mentally, I meditate regularly and love the study of economics, history, philosophy, and religion. At this time in my life, I am enjoying raising two small children. I spend a lot of time with them and participate in their activities.