About Me

Prior to moving to Portland, Oregon in 2008, I lived in Minnesota where I did my training and practiced as a senior associate consultant at the Mayo Clinic. I chose to pursue a career in radiation oncology as the specialty is both challenging and rewarding. Often, I find myself learning from my patients who show strength and courage during a very demanding period of their lives. It is a privilege to be allowed into my patients' lives during these often vulnerable periods of their lives.

About my practice

Within radiation oncology, a majority of my practice focuses on stereotactic radiosurgery, stereotactic body radiotherapy, and pediatric malignancies. The strength of Kaiser Permanente is its ability to take the "business" aspect of physician decision-making out of the formula. This has allowed physicians to focus on the most important aspect of this profession - the patient. As WJ Mayo said "the best interest of the patient is the only interest to be considered." This holds true in my approach to patient care and Kaiser Permanente provides an environment where physicians can follow this philosophy.

How I thrive

One the first things we did after moving to Portland was to adopt our dog from the humane society. Since then, my fiancé and I take him everywhere the greater Portland area has to offer. He accompanies us to the various culinary experiences Portland has to offer (only during summer, as we cannot convince the health bureau that he is family). Weekdays are spent in parks, the various unique neighborhoods of Portland, and the vast array of dog parks. We have also made many good friends (many from the Kaiser Permanente medical family) to spend enjoying a night out or being part of community events (i.e., Komen race for the cure). On weekends, we enjoy the many wonderful outdoor activities the Pacific Northwest has to offer.