About Me

I was born and raised in small-town Michigan, but my entire family is originally from Canada. Despite my heritage, cold weather was not for me, so I escaped to California for medical school and then moved to Atlanta for residency training. My husband and I are proud parents of a huggable, 90 lbs. American Bulldog named Barkley.

About my practice

While rotating through the different areas of medicine during medical school, I realized that what captured my interest the most was listening to patients tell their stories. As a psychiatrist, I am so fortunate that patients allow me to glimpse inside their amazing minds and hearts. I enjoy getting to know each of them on a personal level and I invest a lot of myself into the relationships as well. As a member of an incredible team of psychiatrists, psychologists, clinicians and nurses, I am able treat a wide variety of psychiatric and substance abuse conditions. Additionally, I work closely with Kaiser Permanente's palliative care team.

How I thrive

Family is very important to me. I enjoy easy, serene moments with my husband and boisterous, chaotic moments with our nieces and nephews. I like to unwind with music, exercise, good food, reading and travel.