About Me

I was born in Canada, and raised in Washington State. I completed my undergraduate studies, medical degree and specialty training all at Harvard University. Living in Hawaii has been a blessing for me, my wife, and our children.My father, who was a physician, was an important influence in my life. In addition to serving as president of the local hospital, he was caring and compassionate in his interactions with everyone. His patients loved him and our community respected him. He was my role model.

About my practice

I chose to study medicine because I enjoy helping people. I decided to specialize in cardiology because I found the complex physiology of the heart intellectually stimulating. I pursued sub-specialization in interventional cardiology because I work well with my hands and enjoy fixing things. My expertise is in performing a procedure called cardiac catheterization which provides the technology to make a rapid and dramatic impact on patients suffering from heart attack. In emergency situations, this can be life-saving.At the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group, I have the privilege of working with accomplished and intelligent colleagues, and I respect the organization’s dedication to maximize patient outcomes and satisfaction. At Kaiser Permanente’s Moanalua Medical Center, I serve as the director of the cardiac catheterization laboratories.My aim is to care for all my patients as if they were my own family members. Every patient I treat receives my best effort and attention.

How I thrive

As a cardiologist, I try to practice what I preach by eating healthily, sleeping well, and exercising daily. Spiritual faith is the bedrock of my life philosophy. It helps me stay focused on the big picture, provides purpose in living, guides my priorities, helps me maintain a joyful and hopeful outlook, and offers peace and hope in times of difficulty. I enjoy spending time with my wife and three children. In my spare time, I like to play tennis, swim, and travel.