About Me

I grew up in New York City, where I attended both college and medical school. I moved to Charlottesville, Virginia for my pediatric residency and developmental pediatric fellowship, and briefly worked in Morgantown, West Virginia as well. My husband and I came to the Pacific Northwest in 2003 and we love it here. We enjoy outdoor activities with our kids, and are proud that both will be able to say they are "from Portland!"

About my practice

I work with kids with developmental and behavioral issues and I am committed to offering families information, advice and intervention. It is wrenching for parents to realize their child is struggling in some area of development or behavior. These issues can be extremely stressful for families and it is my role to help identify resources to allow the child to reach their full potential. I see children with developmental delays, autism, intellectual disability, and genetic problems. I also see children with behavior problems such as ADHD and aggression, and some with learning problems. I work closely with primary care providers so that families can benefit from my expertise without necessarily needing multiple office visits.

How I thrive

I love being outdoors and in natural areas. I ran the Portland marathon a few years ago (while pregnant!) and my goal is to do that again (while I'm not pregnant!). Spending family time with my husband and kids is my number one priority in my free time. My son and daughter have been a wonderful, energizing, educating delight in my life. Raising them to be gentle, compassionate, and kind people is an important goal for us as parents. We also want them to know how to catch frogs and climb trees, even though they grew up as city kids.