About Me

I was born in California and completed my first Bachelor’s Degree at the University of California-Santa Cruz. After a wonderful 10 years in the high tech industry, I decided to return to school and pursue a career in medicine. I started and completed the physical assistant program at Midwestern University in Glendale, Arizona. I have been practicing for 13 years and realize I have found the career of a life time. There is nothing more satisfying than helping patients improve their lives, coaching patients in their care and decision making processes for their health and wellness. I strongly believe in giving patients the information they need to keep thriving. When work is done, I love to go out dancing. My husband and I are ballroom dancers, and my favorite dance form is Salsa. I take yearly pilgrimages to dance camps across the country. I love to run with my dog, Lucy, and take walks in the evening.

About my practice

I believe in evidence based medicine as the best approach for making the best decisions for one's care. My practice style is to be fiscally sound, and all encompassing with the patient at the center of my practice. I want every patient to feel they have received the information, encouragement and support they need at their visit, and I make myself available to every patient when they need my assistance.

How I thrive

I take care of myself by exercising daily - running, walking my dog and walking with my husband. I read for pleasure every day. I love to dance, and dance several nights weekly, and practice dancing at home with my husband. I spend time with my children, other family members, and friends. I focus on eating healthy with plenty of my favorite fruits - berries of all types.