About Me

Welcome to my Web page!


I grew up in Southern California and left to attend UC Berkeley. After college, I worked in the dot-com world, but the lure of medicine was too strong and, eventually, I left to attend medical school in New York. There, I quickly learned that I preferred summer as the default season and returned to Los Angeles to attend USC for my residency and fellowship in interventional radiology. My wife is also a Kaiser Permanente physician, and we have two kids that keep us on our toes.

About my practice

Many people have never heard of interventional radiology (IR). I tell them that IR is a medical specialty that uses advanced imaging equipment to perform minimally invasive surgeries. We can treat cancer, peripheral vascular disease, bleeding, liver disease, kidney stones, infections, spine fractures, fibroids, and many other disease and conditions.

How I thrive

I am always looking for new hobbies. My current ones include diving, biking, traveling, computers, fantasy football, working out, and a Brazilian martial art called Capoeira. I'm planning on some new hobbies, including fixing up cars, grilling, and photography. I love gadgets and going online.