About Me

I was born in the “sugar plantation” community of Waipahu and later moved to the “pineapple plantation” community of Wahiawa. While growing up in the country, I experienced a strong sense of family, community and hard work. My supportive and encouraging wife and I seek to instill these same values upon our loving daughter who is a college student in Philadelphia. I have over 20 years of experience in practicing medicine and have also served as a clinical professor teaching medical students and residents. I knew I wanted to be a part of the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group because of its team approach to health care and its emphasis on quality.

About my practice

Although I have always been interested in the sciences, it was during my undergraduate years in college that I discovered how much of a difference I could make in people’s health. I participated in a research project that strove to change the unhealthy lunch habits in an elementary school through a nutrition education class that I also helped to teach. Being a part of this incredible experience was life-changing and I wanted to do more. Practicing medicine provided me that opportunity. I was drawn to family medicine because it offered me the opportunity to see patients of all ages, and to follow an individual from childhood to adulthood. I enjoy listening to and “talking story” with my patients, and discovering what we have in common. Learning about their interests, family and work is often my favorite part of the day. Building these relationships also helps to reinforce my philosophy of care, which is based on disease prevention and health maintenance. I want to guide my patients to have a better understanding of their health and care, and getting to know them and their lifestyles enables me to do so.

How I thrive

Taking walks helps me to stay physically and mentally healthy. It’s a time when I can think quietly by myself or talk intimately with my wife. I also enjoy the creativity of photography. This hobby slows me down in the sense that it helps me to acknowledge and appreciate my surroundings and family more. I am also a sports fan and like to attend local sporting events, both at the high school and college levels. Go ‘Bows!