About Me

I grew up in Illinois and moved to Oregon in 1985 to begin graduate school at the University of Oregon in my 20s. After completing a PhD in sociology and postdoctoral work in gender and mental health, I taught for several years and eventually pursued graduate training and licensure in mental health. Even though I moved to New York City for a year, I returned to Oregon because of wonderful friends here and my love of this state and our truly amazing outdoors. I enjoy hiking and camping throughout the year, especially going to the coast with our beloved (and quite spoiled) dog - now I am trying to teach her to kayak with me!

About my practice

I have practiced as a therapist since 1998 and have worked at Kaiser Permanente since 2003. I enjoy my work tremendously, and try to merge theory and knowledge with practical, action-based strategies that help people truly improve their lives. While many people come to us in emotional pain and with a range of concerns to be addressed, I also believe an essential part of our practice is also to help people learn to be more present and joyful in their lives every day. I strongly believe and know that therapy is an art as well as a science and that the most important component of effective therapy is very genuine, unconditional acceptance of and regard for the people we serve.

How I thrive

I thrive by spending time outdoors, and especially love the beaches and trails along the ocean and our rivers and lakes. No matter what is going on in my life, I find 30 minutes by the water eternally soothing. (Perhaps that is why I have so many waterfalls in my backyard). I treasure any time in nature. I also enjoy a wide variety of music, dancing, and films as well as reading, meditating, and snuggling with our dog by the fireplace. Simple pleasures are truly the most enjoyable and renewing activities for me.