About Me

Hello, I am Dr. Nelson. Welcome to my Web page. I appreciate you visiting my Web page, and I hope you find valuable information about myself and my practice style. I practice family medicine, evaluating and treating a variety of medical conditions.


I am from the great state of California. The importance of physical activity was instilled in me at a young age by participating in variety of sports as a youth and adolescent. In college, I was able to play golf for my university, which was a deeply enriching experience. To this day, I remain physically active and involved in sports, and I believe this to be a cornerstone to good physical and mental health. Such activities require discipline and hard work and demonstrate that there is no shortcut to healthy living.

About my practice

I enjoy working in primary care, where prevention and healthy lifestyle behaviors are highlighted as pillars to good health. Obtaining and enjoying good health and preventing chronic diseases requires discipline and holding oneself accountable. There is no magic pill that can induce healthy living. Rather, careful and close attention to lifestyle habits such as sleep hygiene, screen time, sodium and sugar intake, processed food intake, and daily and weekly physical activity goals are of the greatest importance to having a healthy body and mind. My role as a primary care physician is to provide clear healthy living insights relevant to your health and lifestyle so that you can adopt habits that will improve your overall well-being.

How I thrive

I stay active in sports (basketball, golf, hiking, cycling ) to live well in mind, body, and spirit. I also value the importance and impact of having a healthy diet rich in a variety of plant-based foods as well as the role that good sleep plays in nourishing a healthy body and mind.