About Me

I was born in Portland and, except for college in Eugene and some stops abroad, have lived here most of my life. I started working with teenagers in a locked psychiatric facility and realized that for most of those teens treating their addictions was of primary concern. I worked in various treatment settings until landing at Kaiser Permanente, where I am honored daily to help people overcome their addictions.

About my practice

I currently work with adults and adolescents in various stages of treatment. I believe that people need to be able to discuss their addictions and recoveries openly in order to achieve greater understanding of their conditions and to overcome the shame and guilt that can accompany addiction. I see mindfulness as a key element of the self-awareness that’s needed to challenge unhelpful thoughts and deal with uncomfortable emotional states.

How I thrive

I have a wide array of interests outside of my work. I am an avid tennis player, and I walk or ride my bicycle daily. I also play guitar and write songs. My wife and I enjoy ballroom dancing, as well as cooking and eating good food. We are always up for new travel adventures.