About Me

I'm a Denver native and I’m thrilled to be raising my own family here. I chose to go into medicine because it requires a unique combination of passion for science and compassion for people. And I chose pediatrics as a specialty because I get to interact with kids all day—what could be better than that? I feel very fortunate to be here at Kaiser Permanente because I can practice prevention-focused, patient-centered care, while also conducting relevant research. My research interests include a broad set of child health topics, but I've been particularly focused on vaccine-related research, including on vaccine safety. When I’m in the research offices, I'm still available to our patients, nurses, and medical office.

About my practice

I practice general pediatrics and see children from birth through 18 years of age. I view myself as a partner in health with my patients and their parents. I seek to understand your questions and concerns so we can effectively coordinate care that meets your needs. In my practice I have a particular focus on prevention, including emphasizing the benefits of healthy eating and active living.

How I thrive

I grew up hiking and skiing in the beautiful Colorado Rockies, and I continue to thrive on these same activities. I enjoy exercising with my sons, although they are hard to keep up with. I also really enjoy all different types of ethnic food, and in particular Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese food.