About Me

I completed my medical training in New Hampshire, Seattle, Washington and Salt Lake City, Utah before settling in Oregon where I have come to love the rain and not digging out my car out of the snow. I have two teenagers who test me daily and, fortunately, a very supportive husband who cooks. I like the Kaiser Permanente model of care because I can recommend surgery for those who are most likely to benefit rather than for those who can afford it.

About my practice

My practice is primarily sports medicine, though I also do shoulder replacements. I think the high level athletes gravitate towards me because I understand how important sports are throughout life. Exercise is the most important preventive care that we can prescribe at any age. If I could have one superpower in the office, it would be the ability to motivate everyone I see to work out.

How I thrive

I am an exercise addict myself, though my sports have evolved over time from whitewater kayaking to cycling, distance rides and cyclocross. I used to exercise in order to be able to eat whatever I wanted but I am now trying to eat more healthily. I do volunteer work in the schools and community.