About Me

Hello, and welcome to my Web page. My name is Dr. Richard Moon. I began at Kaiser Permanente San Diego in 2004 in a blended primary care and hospitalist practice, and became a hospitalist full-time in 2009. I hope this page gives you a chance to get to know me a little better.


I'm a Korean-American who was born in Massachusetts and raised in San Jose. I completed my schooling in Boston and trained in Los Angeles before coming to work at Kaiser Permanente in San Diego. My residency training at USC+Los Angeles County Hospital was amazing, providing me with experience with a wide range of diseases including tuberculosis and leprosy. In addition to providing me with a great deal of medical knowledge, these experiences forced me to think quickly and accurately and to act compassionately, and helped me learn not to be scared.

About my practice

Although, I work exclusively now in the hospital setting, I still draw upon many of my experiences in primary care with Kaiser Permanente. I don't believe in judging my patients, even when it comes to unhealthy habits. Instead, I feel that a balanced but emphatic presentation of the facts is the best way to communicate with people and inspire change. I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of the acute inpatient setting where the stakes are high and the need to rapidly establish rapport and confidence in my work and the work of my care team is essential. I enjoy the work I provide our members in the setting and partnership with Palomar Health since 2009. It's been a wonderful partnership!

How I thrive

By the time I am done chasing after, playing with, and cleaning up for my two children, I feel that I've gotten more than enough exercise every day. Still, I like to swim and snowboard and jog when I get the chance. Making people laugh wherever I am is important to me. Humor is my way to unwind and stay focused. I am always ready to crack a quick joke and put on a big smile at a moment's notice. Go ahead and try me! A recent passion that has blossomed in the last three years has been cooking. I am especially drawn to Spanish, Italian, and Asian recipes. Finally, I love watching and following both pro and college football. Thankfully, so does my wife. It's one of many reasons we got married.