About Me

I was born and raised in Boulder, Colo. and currently live in Loveland with my husband, son, and cat named Hobbes (we did consider naming our son Calvin). I chose to be a health care provider because my mother was a long-time nurse/nurse practitioner and because of personal experiences as a patient during my teen/early adult years. The physician assistant path made the most sense for me as I was eager to start caring for patients.

About my practice

My current role is primarily same-day appointments for acute/urgent concerns and procedures such as injuries/wounds, skin lesions/biopsy, toenail removal, joint injections, and long-term birth control. Through my role, I hope to increase access to care for members. I enjoy seeing patients of every age including infants, children, teens/young adult, and the elderly. I practice shared-decision making with my patients to make a treatment plan that best fits the individual. What works for one person may not for another, even if they have the same diagnosis. Educating patients and their families about a condition, treatment options, and/or prevention in a way that they understand is something I strive to make time for at every visit.

How I thrive

Mostly I spent time with my family, but I try and make time for things that make me happy like step aerobics classes, hiking, camping, skiing, reading (mostly thriller/mystery books), baking, as well as arts & crafts projects.