About Me

Welcome to my Web page. I'm delighted to introduce myself to you, and tell you about my work at Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center.


I feel that healthy living and preventive care are two of the best ways to stay well, but when you are sick, I'm here to help. I moved from Ohio to Los Angeles to do my fellowship training in surgical and transplant pathology at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. I fell in love with the sunny weather and made Southern California my home for good.

About my practice

I am a pathologist, which means I study tissue samples and lab tests, and then interpret the results to help your personal physician make a diagnosis and recommend treatment. I am also the assistant area medical director (AAMD), and have been in practice for more than twenty-two years.

How I thrive

Family life is a major priority for me. I enjoy family outings and I try to stay active with my local church. My wife, two sons, and I enjoy quiet family time at home, and also vacationing across the United States.