About Me

Hello, and welcome to my Web page. My name is David Huebner-Chan and I am a board certified anatomic, clinical, and hematologic pathologist in the Department of Pathology.


In high school and college I had a very strong interest in the sciences, particularly related to the human body, which led me to studies of histology (tissues). I had such a strong affinity for studying tissues under the microscope that I entered the University of Michigan Medical School with the idea that I would become a pathologist. Although I had other interests then, particularly in surgery and surgical subspecialties, I ultimately decided that the best way I could contribute to patient care would be to achieve a high level of diagnostic ability for tissues removed surgically. Additional studies of any tissues related to blood/hematopathology (bone marrow, peripheral blood and lymph nodes) followed as those were particularly challenging. For more than years, I have taken pride in providing excellent diagnostic service for our members, and for the physicians taking care of them.

About my practice

My main specialties are surgical and hematologic pathology. As a pathologist, I am dedicated to the diagnostic side of medicine. I will be behind the scenes (and behind my microscope) making important diagnostic decisions about any tissues or organs removed from a patient's body most of every day. Providing accurate diagnoses will help the doctors taking care of those patients make informed, sound decisions on how best to treat them. My colleagues in pathology and I work together, and sometimes review each other's cases, to make these very important diagnostic decisions accurately. The way we approach our work is to always keep in mind that there is someone important, one of our members, who needs our best effort in making those decisions.

How I thrive

I also live Kaiser Permanente's philosophy of staying well in mind, body, and spirit, and encourage my friends and family to do the same. I am a taekwondo enthusiast and four out of five of my nuclear family members are Black Belts. My family and I play sports and exercise together and with friends. We try to live a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy foods most of the time. We are also involved with church activities.