About Me

Hello, I'm Brent Lorenzen. Thank you for visiting my web page.


I grew up in the Seattle area but have bounced back and forth across the country since then. After a first career as a swim coach in Orange County, I went to medical school at Vanderbilt University and completed my residency training in Charlotte, North Carolina. I made my way back to Southern California with a stop in Tucson for a clinical informatics fellowship.

About my practice

Anyone, Anything, Anytime: this is the title of a book about the history of emergency medicine and it truly describes our practice. A visit to the emergency department likely includes a fair bit of anxiety, and it can be a confusing process that seems to take forever. I will do my best to communicate and explain. At the end of the day, we don't always have the resources to provide a definitive diagnosis, but I will always help as best I can. I will also involve patients in decision making, as there are often multiple reasonable options with different risks and benefits. I will always work together with you so you can understand all the options.

How I thrive

I love the outdoors and endurance exercise. I love running, swimming, cycling, paddling, and all of the other great outdoor recreation here in San Diego. I also love to ski and get to the mountains when I can.