About Me

Welcome to Kaiser Permanente and my Web page. I joined Kaiser Permanente in 2013 after more than 15 years of experience in primary care, including prenatal and pediatric care. I enjoy the camaraderie and the quality of the physicians at Kaiser Permanente.


I am a working mother with two children and an 80-pound dog—and they, by necessity, are my main hobby. And because I’m also taking care of my aging parents as well as my kids, I am an active member of the sandwich generation.

About my practice

I am one of six children from an immigrant family. Education was a strong theme in my upbringing, and it is the hallmark of my style of practicing medicine. I strive to help you understand your symptoms and suggest ways to improve your health in the context of your individual work and family situation.

How I thrive

Staying flexible in mind and body is how I believe we can best adapt to the challenges of each era of aging. While I stay physically active through yoga and other sports, I deeply appreciate how yoga opens the mind to humility, patience, and awareness.