About Me

After growing up in rural Pennsylvania and moving around for my education, I decided to settle my family in Colorado for the amazing quality of life, outdoor recreation and great people. I love my job as an anesthesiologist and particularly enjoy safeguarding patients through their surgeries. I was honored to be recognized as a 5280 Magazine Top Doctor in 2018.

About my practice

I try to learn from every patient. I believe that each individual has specific needs and concerns and I do my best to identify how I can help. I chose pediatric anesthesiology as my specialty because I love taking care of children and their families. I consider it a special privilege when parents entrust me to watch over and care for their child during surgery. I particularly enjoy the teamwork of the operating room, and work closely with our surgeons, pharmacists and others to coordinate my patients’ care.

How I thrive

I thrive by spending time with my family and friends in this amazing state. I try to get outdoors as much as possible. I enjoy cooking, reading, hiking, skiing and mountain biking.