About Me

Hello. I have been with Kaiser Permanente since 1996 and have thoroughly enjoyed my practice here. After completing both medical school and residency at UC Irvine, I decided to continue on as a chief medical resident. Completing that year left me with the choice of staying there or going into the community to practice. As I evaluated various medical practices, it was evident to me that Kaiser Permanente would give me the opportunity to deliver quality health care. During my last 11 years of practice here, I have been able to realize this.


I feel very blessed to have a fulfilling life and career. Cycling, hiking, walking, and just about any outdoor activities are enjoyable for me. In addition to maintaining physical health, spiritual health is also important. I am very active in my church

About my practice

I currently practice as a hospitalist. This means I only see patients who are admitted to the hospital. What I enjoy the most about what I do is getting my patients healthy and back to doing the things they enjoy.

How I thrive

Maintaining strong spiritual, emotional, and physical health is crucial for me to be able to offer the best care that I can. I do various activities including cycling, hiking, and walking to keep healthy. Regular ministry activities and connecting with my small Bible study group helps to keep me grounded spiritually. I also have a supportive family and a group of friends.