About Me

I was born in Louisiana where, at the time, my father was serving in the Air Force. We moved around a lot as I was growing up but being part Hawaiian, Hawaii has always been my real home.

About my practice

I find that medicine is a positive combination of the head and the heart; I was always interested in science but also love the personal touch of practicing medicine. I appreciate that I am able to use my skills to improve people’s lives everyday. I am the kind of person who is interested in just about everything so family medicine suits me really well. I love that I get to work with people of all ages, genders and medical situations and that I am continually learning new things. As a member of the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group, I appreciate the amazing support I get from the incredible specialists and other dedicated medical staff. I believe that in order to practice great medicine you need the support of many colleagues – and I certainly get that in my practice. I enjoy my roles as chief of the Hawaii Kai clinic and section chief of the family medicine department for Oahu. I strive to practice my care philosophy with all; I am here to help. I love listening to my patients’ stories and playing a positive role in improving their health.

How I thrive

I keep physically healthy by jogging and biking. I also maintain a healthy sense of humor about life. When I am not keeping busy with my family’s many fun activities, I enjoy photography as a hobby.