About Me

I have lived here since I was 3 weeks old and consider myself a Colorado native. My husband and I have 5 children and 7 grandchildren, all of whom have brought joy and pride to my life. I love being a physician assistant, but my most favorite job has been being a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, niece, aunt, daughter, and friend. I attended the University of Colorado graduating from the physician assistant program at CU Health and Sciences Center. My career as a physician assistant has been a wonderful experience. I enjoy the science and practice of medicine and I am constantly inspired. At the same time, the people I meet, their families, and their stories are often more motivating than medicine I get to practice. It’s the best of both worlds!

About my practice

I have at one time or another specialized in all the age groups making my practice of medicine a “journey of life.” I have found that the new mother, new father, empty nester, and grandparent all have a love for life and all face challenging times in their lives. They can each teach us something if we listen to them. I started my career focused in pediatrics. Eventually, I transitioned to treating children and adults which led me to internal medicine with Kaiser Permanente. After several years, I choose to branch out and mostly care for geriatrics patients. They are at the end of life’s journey and are a constant source of wisdom and knowledge. They keep me centered on what is most important in life.

How I thrive

I plant a large garden every year. I love cooking for family and friends, babysitting my grandchildren, and spending time with my large family. I enjoy reading and keeping up with current events. I have been fortunate enough to go to Guatemala a few times to care for the underserved, indigenous Mayan people. I use my vacation time to work in the clinic. The people are so thankful since they have so little in the way of medical care. The goal is to someday have local providers take over the clinic. One young woman has been so inspired by our clinic that she is now going to medical school. She wants to work among her people as a doctor. This makes me very happy.