About Me

Though the first three weeks of my life were spent in Germany, I am for all intents and purposes a native Southerner. My schooling was done in North Carolina, where I spent much of my childhood. After completing veterinary school, I went to medical school and have been practicing emergency medicine since 1995. I still keep my veterinary license active and use my skills volunteering; however, emergency medicine is my passion, and some say my forte. Hiking, bicycling, swimming and music are just some of the things that I enjoy doing with my two daughters.

About my practice

As a board certified emergency physician, I am trained to help people of all ages with any type of medical problem. I have to know something about all medical specialties. I am a member and fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians and a member of the Georgia chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians. I enjoy the variety of patients that utilize our Advanced Care Center, and I am delighted to be working in an environment where quality of care is so valued.

How I thrive

Constantly learning something new is what keeps me stimulated. Each year I try to master a new subject. Over the past few years, my learning outside of medicine has centered on home renovation projects, organic gardening and beekeeping. Volunteer activities such as the Special Olympics of Georgia, donating veterinary services to a local therapeutic riding center and recent service on the Governor's Council for Developmental Disabilities are also an integral part of my life. My oldest daughter has also talked me into training for a triathlon together. The bicycling has not been a problem, but the swimming and running are proving to be challenging!