About Me

I grew up in Pennsylvania and came to Colorado for college. I completed both medical school and my training in Denver. The blue skies and outdoor opportunities here are amazing and I have made this place my home. I am married and I have a daughter. We have a lot of family and friends near. I enjoy spending time with those I love, being outdoors, sleeping in on a day off and cooking a great meal to share. I like to feel connected to my community and my patients are a part of this. I enjoy sharing time with my patients, learning about their lives and experiences and making a difference for them, even if it’s just in small ways sometimes. The love of people, my community and health is what propelled me into being a bedside physician.

About my practice

I like knowing a lot about my patients and being able to interact with your entire family if needed. I have an open, honest, kind and down-to-earth communication style and will always try to meet your needs. I want to know what your goals and values are and will collaborate with you, your family and my colleagues to meet these care needs. I am also drawn to assisting folks who have very urgent medical needs. All of this makes the hospital an ideal place for me to practice.

How I thrive

To thrive I focus on “The Pillars,” as I call them: Sleep well, eat well, be physically active often, love one another, and laugh and be grateful every day.