About Me

Coming from a military family, I grew up all over the country moving every few years to a new location. I entered the military as well, serving as a Marine Corps helicopter pilot for eight years before heading off to medical school in Indiana. My husband and I are overjoyed to have ended up in the Denver area and look forward to putting down some roots and enjoying all the state has to offer.

About my practice

Spanning the entire spectrum of acute care, emergency medicine offers me the opportunity to be at the forefront of medicine and to participate actively in making decisions right from the onset of patient care. I aim to help all my patients in what is most likely an unforeseen and unwelcome time in their life. No one plans on coming to the emergency department, but together I aim to address all your concerns, ease the pain, and come up with the safest and most appropriate plan for your care.

How I thrive

I love the outdoors – camping, running, biking – but these days you will most likely find me at home, enjoying my family and the menagerie of animals we are acquiring.