About Me

Hi, and welcome to my Web page. I was in private practice for 22 years in Newport Beach before joining Kaiser Permanente. Working here has afforded me the opportunity to get back to my roots, caring for members in a positive environment. I look forward to the ability to spend time with my patients and better understand their needs.


I am originally a New Yorker. Having finished medical school at Cornell University, I realized I needed to see more of the world. After four years of residency at UCLA, I settled down in Southern California, which I now gladly call my home. I thoroughly enjoy my profession and look forward to the balance that Kaiser Permanente offers. I enjoy being a spectator at my children's events and enjoy hockey and sailing.

About my practice

I received the AAGL award in minimally invasive surgery as chief resident at UCLA. I have dedicated my career to developing these skills, culminating in the designation of Centers of Excellence in this field in 2012. I believe that if surgery is necessary, it should be performed with the smallest incisions allowing the least discomfort. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to bring these techniques to Kenya in 2010 where we were able to provide the equipment and training in minimally invasive gynecology.

How I thrive

Our lifestyle choices are the basis of good well-being. My career change has enabled me to thrive in many ways and to reevaluate my goals, personally and professionally. I thrive by reading, sailing, spending time with family, and going on long hikes with my wife and son.