About Me

I was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, but grew up near San Diego, California. At age 18, I left for the Bay Area to go to college, medical school, and residency. My father was a general surgeon and my mother a nurse, so I suppose you could say that medicine is in my blood. I moved up to Portland right after residency training and have been with Northwest Permanente ever since. I came to Oregon in large part because of the opportunity here to make a difference, and I have been fortunate to be part of some outstanding organizations and to serve as chairman of the board of several of them, including the Oregon Medical Association, Albertina Kerr, and Northwest Permanente itself. That of which I am most proud, however, are my two adult children. They are smart, keep me on my toes, and give me tremendous hope for our future.

About my practice

I am a general otolaryngologist. As such, I treat many conditions of the ears, nose, neck, and throat, both medically and surgically. I treat members of all ages. I believe that my role is to listen, perform a thorough examination, ask clarifying questions, and then work with my patient and their chosen advocates as a team. Often, there are several treatment options to choose from, and I can help members understand these options, including their risks and benefits. My role is never simply to tell someone what to do. I work closely with patients, parents of young patients, and loved ones who have been asked to act as advocates. I am able to take care of most conditions in my specialty. I am fortunate, however, to work at Northwest Permanente, where we have 1,200 physicians to help when asked. It is great to be part of a team that puts our members’ needs first. I love working here, and I love what I do.

How I thrive

I don't golf. Really. But my interests seem to change as my family and I continue to grow and learn. Years ago, I coached my daughter's soccer team and shuttled her to the barn to ride her horse, and also was present for my son as he worked towards his 4th Degree Black Belt (Master) in Tae Kwon Do. Now that my kids are young adults I have more time to spend reading (though I'm a slow reader), taking walks with my girlfriend, getting to the gym about 5 times a week, and enjoying what downtown Portland has to offer in food and entertainment. I'm a bit of a political hack and from time to time have been known to join a political cause. And I'll pretty much try anything once—I have skydived from 13,000 feet, scuba dived to 105 feet, hot-air ballooned, and rafted the Colorado River. Mostly, though, I thrive by keeping things interesting and doing my best to sample what life has to offer.