About Me

I was born in the Philippines and raised in Southern California. I knew I wanted a similarly warm and comfortable climate for my future family, one that would also offer a strong community feel. I decided on Hawaii and moved to Oahu in 2004. It was clearly the right choice for me and my growing family.

About my practice

In school I enjoyed the different disciplines of science, particularly biology and anatomy. When the time came to focus on an area of advanced graduate work, medicine was a natural decision for me. Growing up, my own family was close and we always had positive experiences with all of our family doctors, each of whom was very engaged in the community. In selecting family medicine as my specialty, I hoped to achieve that same sense of responsibility and compassion for others. I love working within the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group because it gives me a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with remarkable colleagues and staff, who are all committed to the health and well-being of our patients. I enjoy getting to know each of my patients and believe that my job is to treat them as a whole person. As we get better acquainted, I enjoy talking with them about their families, their hobbies and their interests. It helps me to understand them better and to attend to their medical problems as best I can with the bigger picture of all of their needs in mind.

How I thrive

It is important to me to stay active and I enjoy doing so by hiking, going to the gym and spending time outdoors with family. When I am not out in nature, I enjoy cooking and trying out fun new recipes. My family and I also have a blast with our regular movie nights.