About Me

I am a doctor of family medicine. I feel very fortunate to be a physician at Kaiser Permanente with its long history of helping and caring for a very wide range of people in a very excellent way.


I was inspired to become a doctor after my dad went through a long illness. I felt that there were better ways to practice medicine than what I had observed with his care. I'm happy to say I've helped make some of those changes I wanted become a reality during my career as a physician.

About my practice

I believe that people need to take an active role in keeping themselves healthy. I am committed to being a partner with my patients in helping them achieve and maintain their best physical and mental health.

How I thrive

It's important to work hard but also to play hard. I love the outdoors, hiking, camping, biking, as well as going to the movies. Spending time with friends over a good meal that includes wine and chocolate is very nurturing for my spirit.