About Me

I was born in Vietnam and immigrated to the U.S. at a very young age. I grew up in Michigan and moved to Colorado with my family for a change in lifestyle. We are looking forward to enjoying more of the great outdoors lifestyle that Colorado has to offer. I chose to study and practice medicine because my goal was and has always been to help people, as corny as that may sound. The medical field is challenging and interesting, and I enjoy learning. The most rewarding part of being a physician is having patients put their trust in you to help them in their time of need and stress.

About my practice

I chose to specialize in hospice and palliative medicine because I find the work humbling. I find beauty in all aspects of life, from birth to death. I enjoy working with an interdisciplinary team of social workers, chaplains, nurses, nurse aids, therapists, and volunteers to provide the most comprehensive care for our patients. I look forward to getting to know my patients and their families. I will listen to understand your questions and concerns. I believe that my patients are partners in maintaining their health and setting their goals of care.

How I thrive

I enjoy volunteering and giving back to the community, as well as spending time outdoors with my family and exploring the beauty of Colorado. I appreciate different cultures and cuisines and I hope to travel more in the future.