About Me

Chicago is my hometown, and I grew up in a family as one of six children, mostly in Iowa. Despite living in Atlanta for so many years, I still consider myself a Midwesterner at heart; though I am finding that I no longer miss those long winters. I developed an interest in becoming a physician early on, which likely stemmed from growing up with a father and grandfather who were surgeons, both of whom I greatly admired.

About my practice

I have been pleased to be part of Kaiser Permanente for nearly 20 years and am proud to practice with such an excellent group of colleagues. I currently spend about half of my time in medical practice, with the remainder in administration as chief of our pediatrics department. My clinical work includes both inpatient and outpatient care, and I thoroughly enjoy caring for children and adolescents in both settings. I have particular interests in caring for children with chronic illnesses and special needs, and also in working with children and families touched by adoption.

How I thrive

Family has always been extremely important to me, and I especially enjoy activities with my two teen daughters. We are able to spend time with our extended family several times a year, which always seems to be too short. Reading, swimming and traveling are ways that I relax, and I am fortunate to have visited nearly twenty different countries. Working with charitable groups that provide care and support for orphaned children is something we do as a family, as a way of helping others in need.