About Me

Hello, and welcome to my Web page. I'm glad to have the opportunity to present my credentials to you and share other information about myself. It's very important that you feel comfortable with your personal physician, and I hope this page will help you start to get to know me.


I was born and raised here in Southern California, but I did spend five years of my childhood living in Taiwan. As a physician and a person who has lived with a physical disability for over 10 years, I enjoy helping others overcome disabilities and recover functional independence. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two daughters. We enjoy the great outdoors together. I especially enjoy seeing and learning about the marine environment and our amazing coral reefs.

About my practice

As a physiatrist, I enjoy working closely with a team of dedicated rehabilitation professionals assisting individuals who are overcome life-chaning disabilities. I pride myself on helping my patients as they reach for their highest level of independent functioning possible.

How I thrive

Spending time being active outdoors with my family and growing in my faith are important in helping me thrive in mind, body, and spirit.