About Me

My experience in medicine is broad and extensive, practicing medicine for nearly 30 years. I have worked with patients in a one-on-one clinical relationship and have enjoyed getting to know patients and understanding their health care goals. I’ve also worked in international health, assisting national systems in North America to be prepared for potential disease epidemics. In addition, I have worked at various system levels within health care organizations throughout my career, from small clinical settings to serving as a physician leader, always with the aim of improving the quality of care provided to patients in an efficient manner.

About my practice

As an occupational medicine physician, a branch of preventive medicine, I have practiced medicine with a focus on seeking to keep people healthy and productive throughout their work lives. I have enjoyed learning about each person’s work environment, and when possible personally seeing their work processes. Listening to understand your concerns is paramount to practicing good medicine. I desire that each patient clearly understands their treatment plan and has input into how that plan is carried out.

How I thrive

I enjoy spending time with family, working together on landscaping projects, as well as personal projects of wood working. I enjoy the satisfaction of creating something useful and beautiful.