About Me

Welcome to my Web page. It’s important that you and your child get to know your pediatrician, so I hope this information helps you learn a little more about my practice and me.


I was born and raised in India, and completed my medical studies in the bustling metropolis of Chennai (formerly Madras). I came to the United States after my marriage and lived in the Midwest for a couple of years. We then moved to Long Island, New York, where I did my pediatric residency. We moved to California in 2001, and I have been with Kaiser Permanente since. My husband and I have a son and daughter.

About my practice

I believe in preventive care, in vaccines, and in balancing the science and practicality of modern medicine (I am a mom, too!). I believe that caregivers should be a parent first and their child’s best friend next. I believe in healthy eating and active living, and oversee Kaiser Permanente’s Pediatric Weight Management Program in Kern County. I am a strong proponent of early literacy and oversee the Reach Out and Read Program in Kern County for Kaiser Permanente. I encourage parents to sign up on Kaiser Permanente.org so they can stay involved in their children’s care with my office via email.

How I thrive

Maintaining work-life balance is very important to me. Since my husband is a professional, too, balancing career and kids is always a work in progress! I love to cook and experiment with different cuisines. We travel whenever possible. I am an active participant in my book club. I love music and am trained in Hindustani classical music. Most of all, I enjoy down time with my kids: family dinner, a movie, a morning hike, or just a nice chat with them.