About Me

Although born overseas, I was raised in Snellville, Ga. I feel privileged to have called Atlanta home for most of my life. Having left Georgia for medical training, I am certainly glad to be back! I have trained with some of the best physicians throughout the world and bring that wealth of knowledge to not only my practice, but my life as a whole.Joining the Kaiser Permanente team has been a wonderful decision for both my family and my patients. I adhere to the thrive model daily, and I am passionate about encouraging our members to adopt it themselves. Kaiser Permanente's team approach to health care allows me to utilize the entire medical machine to the benefit of each of our members.

About my practice

Being board certified in family medicine and primary care sports medicine, I approach patients' complaints from a movement standpoint. No matter the aliment, I consider the whole person in my diagnosis. I feel that most patients do better in the long term when they are well familiarized with their condition and how different approaches affect them. Therefore, sound education is a core tenant of my practice. I feel that a multidisciplinary approach benefits our members. I work closely with fellow primary care physicians, therapists and various specialists to ensure that each member has a tailored plan that will lead to a rapid and safe recovery.

How I thrive

I am a firm believer in exercise for prevention and the possible treatment of many aliments. I have been involved in sports since I was very young and continue to do so. With a growing family, my physical activities have become more centered on my family. We enjoy regular walks, working in the yard, and enjoying our time at home together. I am a big fan of sports teams throughout Georgia, but particularly try to attend Atlanta Falcons (my family are devout fans) and Gwinnett Braves games. Exercise truly is medicine. Try it yourself: You will soon realize that you are less stressed, sleeping better and your clothes fit better too!