About Me

Welcome to my Web page. I hope this Web site provides you with useful information and begins to establish our doctor-member relationship.


I’m a family medicine physician—I care for the whole growing family, with a particular interest in adolescent health care. I enjoy volunteering my time in the community by participating in sports clearance physicals at both the high school and collegiate level. I am very direct and honest with my members. I try to have members help themselves by promoting preventive medicine , which can help members avoid the need of medicines and further interventions. I expect members to be punctual. In exchange, I try my best to be on time for my appointment with you.

About my practice

I believe in approaching issues from a biological/psychological/social standpoint to confirm that the all issues are addressed, and the true underlying problems are identified. I believe in practicing medicine that has been proven and makes sense—I won’t simply prescribe the newest medication on TV, or order the newest test on the market.

How I thrive

As your physician, I practice what I preach—exercise! I organize an ocean swim/walk/run for Kaiser Permanente each year to promote this with my colleagues. I’m an avid swimmer, and I compete in a few ocean races each summer. I also enjoy golf, but I’m a true hacker out on the course. It’s only my love for the game that keeps me going. Apart from that, most of my time is dedicated to my family and friends.