About Me

I returned to undergraduate college at age 29, started medical school at age 32, and graduated from Des Moines University in 2002. I entered medicine to help people improve their health and well-being. As a former child of an Army family, I value a broad diversity of outlooks on people and relationships. As a mother of two children, I understand the pressures of balancing family and work life.

About my practice

I bring a unique, holistic perspective to the patients in my medical practice. I listen carefully to patient concerns, and include patients in decisions about their health care. As an Osteopathic physician, I passionately believe that preventive medicine, lifestyle changes, and teaching patients about their health are all important parts of what I do. Emotional, spiritual, social, and physical factors influence one's health, and I consider each of these carefully in our care plans. All of these factors help make me a compassionate, caring doctor.

How I thrive

In my off time, I enjoy hanging out with my kids and our two cats. I enjoy sewing, reading, and sculpting. Riding, bicycling, yoga and camping are all pursuits that help me to recharge my energy. My children are both in high school, and I volunteer some time at both of their schools.