About Me

I was born in India and moved to New York when I was 11 to live with my aunt. My parents sent me to live with her because they wanted me to have a better future. I stayed in New York throughout my undergraduate and medical studies, and was an attending physician there for four years. My entire family, including my in-laws, moved to Hawaii, because we felt we’d be at home here with Hawaii’s people, weather, and outdoor lifestyle.

About my practice

As I was growing up, my grandmother, who helped to raise me, experienced several serious medical issues. We were close, and I wanted to be involved in her care. This experience was one of my motivations for pursuing a career as a physician.

I value relationships with my patients, and I enjoy being able to follow them throughout life. The specialty of internal medicine allows me to incorporate both of these values into my practice. I’m able to care for three or more generations in a family, which is so very rewarding. Also, as the first provider many patients see, the primary care physician can act as a detective and recommend preventive health measures.

My other professional interests include geriatric medicine and endocrinology. My research on pain management in the elderly was published in the medical journal Clinical Therapeutics.

To stay up-to-date in my field, I read newsletters of the American Board of Internal Medicine, participate in continuing education programs, and collaborate with colleagues. My membership in the American College of Physicians also gives me access to the latest developments in medicine.

I wanted to be part of a large medical ohana that believes in providing high-quality care, and I found this at the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group (HPMG). Also, I find that HPMG is a well-run, nurturing organization that has many talented physicians. I’m inspired to work alongside my colleagues as we strive together to continuously improve our care and services for the benefit of the people of Hawaii.

I believe that everyone deserves compassionate, high-quality care. Patients always come first, and their concerns must be taken seriously. In my view, the physician should act as a coach and work in partnership with patients to find the best answers to their health needs.

How I thrive

To stay physically fit, I occasionally hike and take daily walks. When I’m not working, I also enjoy spending time with my family, doing educational activities with my kids, cooking, reading, meditating, speaking Hindi, and volunteering at my temple.