About Me

My story starts in Portland, where I was born at a Kaiser Permanente hospital. I graduated from the University of Oregon, then went away to experience life on the East Coast for medical school. Utah was my next stop for residency, where I enjoyed living so close to the mountains. My husband and I are now happy to be back in the Northwest, where we intend on staying.

About my practice

I practice full-spectrum family medicine, seeing everyone from newborns to the elderly. I am especially interested in pediatrics, sports medicine, and women's health, including prenatal care. I love when I get to be the primary care physician for a whole family. This unique relationship encourages a commitment to caring for the person instead of the disease, as well as promoting wellness.

How I thrive

In my spare time I love to read, play basketball, and go camping or kayaking. My husband and I also love to cook together. I love Thai food, and we are amassing quite a large collection of Thai recipes.