About Me

Thanks for visiting my Web page. I am delighted to have this opportunity to introduce myself. I have met many wonderful colleagues and members since joining Kaiser Permanente, and feel very fortunate to be a part of this organization. I look forward to working together with you to take care of your health.


I am board certified in internal medicine. I attended medical school at the University of Texas at Galveston, and did my residency training in Chicago. After three years of cold weather, I was ready for a change. The temperate climate in Southern California allows me to enjoy outdoor sports year-round. Being a physician allows me to help people in a meaningful way, not just through my medical skills and knowledge, but also by listening to what they need.

About my practice

As a hospital-based physician, I have the privilege of caring for acutely sick people by using both science and compassion.

How I thrive

To maintain my own wellness, I try to exercise regularly, and play sports in my free time, but I also make rest and relaxation a priority.