About Me

Greetings! Welcome to my Web page. I hope you will take a moment to get to know more about me, and learn about my approach to helping members live healthy, happy lives.


I am the youngest of eleven children. For as long as I can remember, my passion was to help people. I watched three of my older brothers become doctors, so my dream was to follow in their footsteps. My medical education took place in several countries. I realized that becoming a family medicine physician would be the best career for me. It's exciting to treat patients of all ages, old or young, female or male. I did my residency in family medicine at Indiana University. After my residency, I joined the university faculty at Indiana University of as a clinical assistant professor in the Family Medicine Department. I then decided to move to Southern California in 1999, to be closer to my extended family. I joined Kaiser Permanente because I feel it's a great organization that provides comprehensive care to its members. I continue my love for treating people by doing everything that I can to prevent disease and keep my patients healthy. Prevention is a focus of my practice and I place a strong emphasis on women's health. I think it is truly important to not only treat a disease but to treat the entire person, taking into consideration the illness and the social factors that may play a role in the illness.

How I thrive

I love traveling around the world, but I also love coming home to a warm and close family life. I have a wonderful husband and four children. I believe that no matter how busy I am, I must always make the time to eat and pray with my family. When I do have free time, I enjoy gardening, reading and cooking for my family.