About Me

I was born in the Philippines as the youngest of six children in a closely knit family. We moved to San Francisco when I was in the second grade. One of my first experiences with medicine was as a volunteer medical assistant at a community clinic. Once in a while, I got to ride with the doctor on his motorcycle to see patients. I trained at Tulane Medical School, Ochsner and Charity Hospital in New Orleans. It was an amazing and invaluable experience as a doctor in training. I also met my husband there. Our daughter was born the day before my neurology final, and our son arrived during a pediatric emergency rotation.

About my practice

I have always had an affinity for babies and children, so pediatrics was an easy professional choice. I enjoy the relationships I have with my patients and their families. I never tire of knee hugs from toddlers, hearing kindergartners sing their ABC’s and getting pictures drawn by my patients. I also enjoy my relationships with teenagers and hearing about their future plans. As a physician with the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group, I enjoy the collaboration of care between my colleagues and never feel alone in providing care for my patients. I feel that we at Kaiser Permanente are truly a village helping children grow with the goal of reaching their full potential and optimal health. I am a member of the Kihei Sunrise Rotary Club and a board member of Imua Family Services, a non-profit organization specializing in child development and therapeutic services. I also mentor University of Hawaii third-year medical students and am involved in a project for cavity prevention.

How I thrive

I love reading a good book and experimenting with different ethnic foods on my family and friends. I enjoy exploring the world through art, cuisine and travel. I keep active by walking on the beach, swimming, doing yoga and paddle boarding.