About Me

Welcome to my Web page! Your health is my highest priority. I’m a practicing obstetrician/gynecologist and physician leader dedicated to making our health care system the best it can be.


I was born and raised in the inner city of Los Angeles, and all of my schooling has been in Southern California. I earned my undergraduate degree at UCLA and then attended medical school at UC Irvine. I went to Azusa Pacific University for my MBA, and got my master’s degree in medical management from USC. Since the fourth grade—after seeing firsthand how my family faced a variety of medical problems, including cancer—my dream was to become a physician. Because my parents were immigrants, I know my roots and identify with the needs of my community. I feel a special connection with and concern for the people among whom I live. Working at Kaiser Permanente has allowed me to continue to serve as a volunteer and accomplish this goal.

About my practice

After practicing full time for more than 20 years, I became a part-time assistant medical director in 2004. However, I still practice medicine 20 hours per week, because I value the relationship with my members and the role I play in helping them get better. I am a physician first, and a leader/administrator second. It's my practice to help my members become fully involved in their own care by supplementing their visits with medical brochures, and encouraging them to research their conditions further. I welcome members who wish to consult with other physicians, since an independent view can make treatment selection easier. When a member is well-informed, we can explore the available options together and select the best possible medical care together.

How I thrive

Keeping active physically, mentally, and spiritually is my model for living well. Besides staying physically active, I try to learn new skills such as being proficient with my computer and camera, or maintaining my cars. For me, hobbies are a good way to stay mentally sharp. For spiritual uplift, I attend church and lead groups on medical mission trips to Mexico with a special emphasis on serving orphans.