About Me

When I was young we moved a lot because my father, who was also a doctor, was still doing his training. We finally settled down in Spokane, Washington where I went to high school. I played piano and was on the ski team and did a little wrestling. I went to college at Washington State University (WSU) in Pullman, Washington where I met my wife who was also pre-med. I lived in a fraternity. After college I moved to Seattle where I had my favorite job ever working at the Seattle Zoo. After medical school we moved to Portland, Oregon where I have been ever since. I have three daughters who are mostly grown up now. My wife and I recently hiked the entire length of Forest Park (in segments), and we travel when we can.

About my practice

My main special interest in surgery has been in laparoscopy, especially for the treatment of reflux. This area has advanced substantially since the time I finished my residency so it has been very interesting to be a part of that change. I have also had a special interest in applications of computers to medicine.

How I thrive

I struggle to thrive like everybody else, but I love to read and learn new things. I still maintain the hope that someday maybe I'll have this world figured out.